Scott and Amie Yancey Review – Meet the Yancey’s

Meet the Yancey’s:

Scott and Amie Yancey are the stars of A&E television series, Flipping Vegas. It is a modern reality TV program focusing on buying and repairing dilapidated property in Las Vegas. The show is all about flipping a property for profit. They also hold real estate events and seminars, which help investors access various investing methods, tools, and strategies. Scott is a real estate guy while Amie is an interior designer. Their tandem works best both in business and in life.

Meet the members of the family:

Scott and Amie are dog lovers. They consider their dogs as members of their family. They have two dogs, Tallulah and Flip. Tallulah is Dachshund and Flip is a Scott Yancey with his dog FlipRhodesian Ridgeback puppy. Aside from their lovely dogs, they also have two Friesian horses named Henke and Tieme, a mini donkey named JackAss, and two mini pigs named Lucy and bacon bits.

Scott and Amie don’t have their own kids, but Amie has a daughter named Sarah. Scott is a proud stepdad to Sarah. She is now married and currently taking her master’s degree. Sarah wants to get into law school because one of her ultimate dreams is to become a good lawyer.


Early childhood:

Amie is a country girl. She spent most of her childhood on the farm because her family owns a hundred acre ranch in Canada. That, basically, is the reason why she loves animals. She has horses and one of her favorites is the White Arabian horse. Amie was asked if they can use her white horse for a commercial and she agreed. She demonstrated an eye for design at a young age when she dyed her horse purple.

Scott grew up surrounded by wealthy people in Studio City, California. Their family didn’t have much. In fact, Scott would joke around telling everyone that their family has more love than money. He didn’t have a complete family growing up. His parents divorced when he was only 8 years old. When his parents got a divorce, Scott, his brother, and mom moved to his grandfather’s house. Scott thought it was really cool because they were allowed to eat junk foods in his grandpa’s house, plus there is a swimming pool. His grandpa is gullible because he is big like Santa Claus.

As a child, Scott didn’t really feel the absence of his father because his grandfather was there to take care of them. His grandpa is a dog lover and works in the real estate for a living. He got his love for dogs and passion for real estate from his grandfather. At a young age, Scott and his grandpa go to open houses and that cultivates his interest in the real estate business.


His fascination with cars:

His fascination with cars started as early as 14 years old. He saw a Porsche and fell in love right away. He loves Porsche but never ever think that he would have one. He can’t afford to buy a brand new car because he didn’t have a lot of money. What he did was, he worked hard all summer long to save money and sold his drums for $350.
His very first car was a 1967 Mustang.

The interior was black but the exterior was purple. The front end of the car looks like it hit a wall. He didn’t have enough money to repaint the car and so what he did was park the car a couple of blocks away from his school. He grew up in a school where students drove brand new BMW convertibles, Corvettes, and other expensive cars.

Scott has a rich aunt and offered to pay for his senior trip. Instead of going on a trip, he asked his aunt if he could use the money to fix his car. So, he took the money and have his car fixed. To further improve his car, his grandfather traded a big wood rocking carousel horse to the owner of the car shop. To cut the story short, his car is fixed and painted red. It was a red Mustang with a perfect black interior.

The engines are perfect, the bumpers were re-chromed, and the wheels are stunning. It became one of the coolest cars in school. No need to park it away from school.
A lot of people wanted his car. Someone came to him and wanted to buy the car. He traded his Mustang for a Toyota 4 wheel drive worth $6000.

Trading his car was a smart decision because he still has a wheel and made a little money from it. From then on, he flipped into another car, and another more. Since the Mustang, Scott already had over 40 cars and counting. He just loves cars. They keep his blood flowing.


How Scott met Amie?

If you are going to ask Scott, “who is Amie?” his answer was, “She is my dream girl.” He met Amie because of their common friend, who happens to be Amie’s roommate. Scott would go and visit his friend just to see Amie. He even asked his friend to tutor him just to see Amie. If Scott has an instant attraction to Amie, Amie felt the opposite. She thought that Scott is a weird guy because of his hairstyle. Amie sees Scott as a funny guy and fun to be with. They became a friend. Scott ended up getting a photograph with Amie and tell people that Amie is the girl he’s going to marry. If he can’t marry Amie, at least he would find a girl like Amie.


How does the love grow?

Their love didn’t blossom during their college years because Scott went off to college. Scott has been into several relationships but still, couldn’t forget his dream girl. Scott Yancey and Amie YanceyMany years later, Scott was doing well in his real estate career. At 30 years old, he was still single. He got tired of hanging around with different girls. He just feels the need to finally settle down. He still kept Amie’s photo and out of the blue, decided to contact her. That simple phone conversation turned into minutes, to hours, and to days. They would talk until wee hours of the night. Scott didn’t feel sleep deprived because to him, Amie is filling him up.

Scott invited Amie to a Thanksgiving dinner. They dated several times and Scott was very careful with his demeanor because he does not want Amie to see him in a bad light. On the contrary, he was sending a wrong signal to Amie. They dated for a while and nothing happened. He didn’t even attempt to kiss Amie, which made Amie think that he is a gay. To cut the story short, it took them five dates for Scott to finally kiss Amie.


The romantic side of Scott:

Scott is not just a true gentleman, but romantic too. In fact, Amie said that between them, Scott is more romantic. It is one of the best characteristics most people do not know about Scott. Scott proposed to her on a private beach. There are fireworks while he is down on one knee. It was an unforgettable moment. He also gave earrings to Amie as a birthday present. Scott never fails to surprise Amie.


Start in real estate:

Scott was only 14 years old when he has his very first real estate deal. He got into a car crash and received a $30,000 settlement. Being young, he didn’t know what to do with his money. He asked his best friend’s family, who is by the way, in the real estate work what to do with his money. They suggested that he use the money to buy a second trustee. He followed the advice. He bought a second trustee on a house in Studio City. He makes money out of the interest of his investment. That’s when he learned the fact that real estate makes your money work for you. Using the interest of his investment, he was able to buy stuff kids at his age love such as skateboard and BMX bike, to name a few.

He went to college but didn’t show that much interest in the classroom. It is not just his thing at that time. He got a part-time job, a runner for a successful real estate investment company. His salary at that time was $5/hour.

His boss told him that the last three people who had your job became a multimillionaire. His boss would ask him to collect documents, bank deposits, maps, and so on. As time goes by, Scott learns how to find deals, adding value to a property, and sell them for profit. In the land development alone, Scott helped his boss generate millions of dollars. He was making hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is a huge number of a guy in his 20s.


Scott Branches Out on His Own:

As Scott and Amie build a family of their own, they look for ways to further improve their financial situation. Amie realized that Scott is taking million dollars cheque from the company to the bank. Scott is adding more and more money to the company. Why not venture on his own and start putting money in their own account? It was a big decision to make and they took the risk. Scott with Amie by his side went out on their own.

It was a rough road, but two quotes were instilled in Scott’s mind: “Nothing great is easy” and “Debt equals drive.”
He spends several days away from home working on land deals. Come home for a few days and then out again for several days to find good deals. Finally, his hard work paid off. He found a land deal and assigned a contract. From the deal, he netted $2.3 million.

They were able to pay their credit cards and still have million dollars to spare. That money enabled him to buy his dream car, the Porsche. A car he really likes, but never in his wildest dream did he think that he would be able to have a Porsche.  From a rough beginning, Scott and Amie were able to navigate their way to real estate success. They experienced a massive success in many aspects of real estate, not only in Las Vegas but in other cities and states across the US.


Scott’s Big Heart:

Scott’s love for Amie cannot be denied. He always makes sure that Amie is happy at all times. He always listens to Amie. He’s attentive not only on the verbal cues but as well as the non-verbal cues. When Amie was younger, she has a neighbor who owns a black Friesian horse. Amie loves Friesian horse and dreamed that one day she will have her own Friesian. She didn’t know that it was Scott who will make her dream come true. Scott surprised her with a pair of Friesian horses.


Giving Back:

Scott and Amie are actively involved in pet adoptions and rescues. They partnered with non-profit charitable organizations that provide a home for servicemen and women who were wounded in combat while serving the country. They are involved in five to six veteran type program. They sponsor “Honor the Ride” event. It is a non-competitive cycling event wherein active service members, injured veterans, as well as the general public, can participate and ride together. The event is designed for all skill levels because the rides vary from 10 miles to 100 miles. Injured veterans ride is free. The proceeds of the event will be used to help wounded, ill, and healing veterans. They will be able to improve their physical and mental health for free.


A Home for a Wounded Warrior:

One of the favorite TV episodes of Scott and Amie was “Paying-it-forward.” Scott and Amie bought a house, rehabbed it, and gave the house to a veteran who lost his leg who accidentally stepped on improvised explosive device while helping out an injured team member. Amie was emotional as she recalled the story of the wounded warrior. Scott and Amie purchased the house, but the community got involved too. In fact, they went over and above to help Scott and Amie complete the renovation project.[ap_schema type=”review” name=”Scott and Amie Yancey Review – Meet the Yancey’s”]



Are Scott Yancey Events a Scam?

This is common question that people often ask when looking at programs designed to make money within investing. There are always people that are skeptical and those that don’t follow through with the information they are taught. Typically the people that end up thinking real estate investing is a scam are the ones that received information on how to flip houses, but then quit before they even started after seeing that there was work involved.  Scott Yancey real estate seminars are 100% legit and not a scam.  Just watch the Yancey Events seminar review videos above.  You can watch 187 different people tell you about their experience with Scott Yancey’s seminars.

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